Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations are a way of objectively assessing an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, behavior, and personality functioning.  No single one test can diagnose ADHD or a Learning Disability.  Both of these disorders have many co-occurring symptoms and can present similarly to other mental health conditions.  Given the complexity of these diagnoses, it is critical to have a comprehensive evaluation.  At Metropolitan Rehabilitation Services our evaluation consists of:

  1. A thorough diagnostic interview (Parent and child, if applicable)
  2. Review of academic and medical records
  3. Psychometric testing for:
    1. Intelligence
    2. Academic Achievement (Reading, Writing, and Math)
    3. Attention/Executive Functioning
    4. Memory
    5. Perceptual Motor Abilities
    6. Language Functioning
    7. Behavior/Mood/Personality/Psycho-social Functioning
  1. Writing a detailed report that includes a history of the individual, summary of the test results, behavioral observations, and individualized recommendations that parents, teachers, and professionals can understand
  2. Being available for questions for parents and providers after the report is completed and the feedback session has occurred